Bradford Gym | Simple Fat Loss Training

In the xmas run up there are some tried and tested ways to retain muscle, lose fat and re shape your body

one such way is the old PHA method of alternating upper and lower lifting exercises paired together and keeping the rest short

pretty simple but tough and damn effective

below is a couple of workouts to try and ideally do 4 days per week doing each workout twice,

session 1
( each exercise 12 reps for 3 sets with 45 secs rest between sets )


bench press

reverse lunge
oh barbell press


airbike 4 sets max effort for 20 secs

workout 2


barbell bent over row
leg press

incline dumbbell press
sumo deadlift


hiitmill sprints 4 sets 20 secs max effort

All the exercises are using enough load in each set to put sufficient stress on the body and overload the muscles

Obvs this is paired with a nutrition plan conducive to fat loss with right amounts of protein and keeping a control that calories are in check !!

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