Netflix Documentaries & Your Health ! | Bradford Gym

Is Netflix the source of you Diet & Health info ?


Be careful out there folks ?
People watch Netflix or other diet or health documentaries and suddenly do a u turn around meat / carbs / exercise type etc based on usually a one sided self serving documentary with an agenda
I encourage people to look for credible sources of info and ask advice of the right people who are experts in the field and in some cases just look at common sense ✅
So before you exclude a food group, turn into a vegan, pescatarian , or ban any type of food or exercise type Be very careful why and are you rowing the boat in the wrong direction ??

If you wanted a Brain surgeon you wouldn’t necessary watch some doctor series and start self diagnosing would you ??

When it comes to health and diet, sometimes a documentary can turn someone into an expert to make some big decisions regarding their health based on a 50 minutes watch !!

i recorded a short podcast on the subject ,


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