How to Get a flatter Stomach | Bradford gym

How do i get a flat stomach ?

Firstly theres a couple of factors here to consider

1. amount of fat around the midsection
2. strength and function of abdominal wall and core musculature
3. any gut issues / dysbiosis/ bloating

The first factor for most people wanting a flat stomach is to create a daily calorie deficit to reduce bodyfat levels. This done over time will reduce the circumference of the waist and belly areas firstly.

We then need control of the deep core muscles and surface abdominal wall which is done by regular core and trunk exercise. Pilates, yoga are great classes also for this

Any gut issues , regular bloating should be dealt with by your doctor in the first instance and eating a good diet and looking after your gut microbiome over the long term will help.

There isnt a detox tea or cleanse that will give you a flat stomach so please dont fall for any hype or scame please guys

Focus on the basics of the 3 points above and a long term flat stomach can be had

Have a great day x

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