Building the Perfect Butt

There is nothing asked more at the moment than ” how do i get the round perfect butt ?” and what exercise should i do to help ?

Lets look at the best exercises, in pretty much the order of effectiveness too

  1. barbell back squat – done with heavy weight and low reps as well as moderate weight and higher reps. Depth as low as mobility allows but the lower the better in good form.
  2. deadlift & RDL – like the squat mixing up the loading and rep ranges and moving some heavy weight works the glutes a treat.
  3. front squat – with good depth and upright torso this a is fabulous exercise .
  4. lunges – walking forwards lunges are good as are backwards and reverse drop lunges for the grater range it offers.
  5. step ups – making the front leg do the work and powerful stepping up and controlling the descent.
  6. single leg glute machine – these are either plate loaded and standard weight stack. Powerfully kick out the leg and control the eccentric
  7. hip thrust – either with band, sandbag or barbell. 90 degrees at knee and push hips up to the ceiling powerfully.
  8. Kettlebell swing – using the hips in thrusting motion to take heavy kettlebell up to chest height at most
  9. sprinting – ever see a sprinter with poor glutes ??? exactly, hill sprints or sprints on the flat work amazing
  10. ghd machine ( not the hair straightener ) – difficult exercise and need foundation of strength but very beneficial if done properly.
  11. Heavy prowler / sled pushes – should probably be a lot higher n this list so dont overlook this one. simple and highly effective.

Good glute development is a result of consistent hard work and progressive training and if you need any support just ask us and get booked in for a new programme with a glute focus….

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