Bradford Gym | Achieve all your 2018 Goals

How to Get everything you want and make 2018 your B#tch !!!

Focus on the 4 F’s !!

Friends / Family

Each area we break don in to process goals / habits so the big goals for each area become real

fitness ( mental & physical )

Drink 2-3 litres water each day
Sweat every day
walk 10000 steps
Lift weights 3/4 times per week
Prepare and plan meals
eat 2g per kg bodyweight per day
fat loss bodyweight x 10-12 each day in calories
muscle gain bodyweight x 14-18 each day in calories
do regular mobility & soft tissue work
every day do deep breath work and or meditation


laugh every day, watch some comedy, meet friends who make you laugh
plan me time for yourself every day even if 10 minutes
travel – visit all the places you want to visit, no excuses
do stuff that scares you each day 9 start with cold showers)
find a hobby you love and DO IT


work out everything and dont bury your head in the sand
look at how you can be more skilled and valuable in your job or business to increase your worth
hire a mentor or coach for your business who can accelerate its growth
audit what you can cut from spending and spend wisely

Friends / Family

Spend more time around friends that inspire you, motivate you and are positive, less or very little time around the energy vampires and family who drain the life from you.
Plan weekends away with friends and family, make time for these special occasions
Say the things you need to say to those close, one day it will be too late ! Life is Short & Precious

Some simple habits there to help you create the daily rituals that will bring a happier, healthier 2018

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