Monday Motivation / Discipline

Monday Motivation / Monday Discipline

A few proven strategies for a more effective week

1. have a clear plan
2. write down what you are grateful for every morning
3. write down your wins every night for the day
4. prepare meals wherever possible in line with your protein and calorie requirements
5. drink more water than yesterday
6. find time to do 5-20 mins mindfulness / meditation / breath work / hypnosis each day to improve mental health and mindset
7. do something everyday that scares you / makes you uncomfortable ( cold showers are my suggestion ). Its get you used to being uncomfortable which is needed for growth.
8. Get enough protein daily ( at least 1g per pound of bodyweight)
9. 7-9 hrs quality sleep each night
10. train daily – be disciplined. It can be varied but stay discipined, one day might be weights, next day yoga etc

10 ways to boss this week

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