Lowering Calories makes you Fatter ??????? | Bradford Gym

Don’t know if you saw it but a video went viral yesterday on ole flakebook with some american “nutritionist” saying how lowering calories can make you gain weight ?


How does your typical Bradford Gym Goer interpret this ???


before you get the pizza out to lose weight lets look at it for a second…


* we know that there is a fundamental physical law about energy

* we know if we eat too much we strangely gain weight…..

* we know that calories consumed above maintenance dont make us lose weight

* we know that moving more burns more calories

* we know that

So why does she say that eating less can make us gain weight ??

her theory that when we eat less we go into fat storage mode has been already disproved in many studies as well as common sense….

>>> If you went to a desert island and ate next to nothing for a month , would you come back fatter and heavier ??? <<<

i think we all know that answer to that one dont we !!!

So lets look at what works and what we recommend for slow steady consistent fat loss

1. work out the calories you need daily and track them so you keep score

2. resistance train 3/4 times per week and keep getting stronger

3. do some form of cardio / energy systems work each week, ideally 3/4 times with resistance work

4. get good sleep each night

5. try and hit your protein goal each day of 2g per kg of bodyweight

6. fill up on the veggies at each meal

7. drink plenty of water all day to keep hydrated

7 simple steps there to keep you firmly on track to consistent fat loss,

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