January common Sense Weight Loss Guide | Bradford Gym

The key to fat loss ( not weight loss ) is some super simple principles ( not fad diets ). Im going to rule out all the things which are short term and largely unsustainable and cause yo yo weight fluctuations and not long results

Things to watch out for ( and avoid if you want long term success )

1. shake based diets – anything that stops you eating real food long term isnt very sustainable

2. juice diets / cleanses – fat loss requires a calorie deficit and regular exercise NOT starvation and cleanses.

3. Drastic calorie reduction – some diets ( like the county cambridge-shire) cause short term weight loss due to huge calorie restriction which obviously causes weight loss. Muscle, water and fat ( we never want to lose muscle ). Putting people on 600-800 calorie a day diets risks malnutrition and unnatural eating habits and all sorts of long term hormonal issues.

What you may want to try ( COMMON SENSE )

1. EAT REAL FOOD – protein at every meal, lots of veggies, some fruit, small amount of healthy fats

2.DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – dont get too hung up on the amount 2-4 litres per day based on bodyweight and activity is usually fine

3. EXERCISE & MOVE MORE – Trying to hit your 10,000 steps per day is a great start for everyone and if you add some regular strength training the results really start accelerating. Looking at resistance training & some cardio 4 days per week is a great way of getting fat loss and muscle tone and strength.

4. SLEEP WELL – Its free and one of the best ways to lose fat. Quality sleep affects our hunger hormones leptin & ghrelin and poor sleep makes us more hungry which leads to calorie over consumption. We recover from training in deep sleep and therefore can train more often and with higher quality ( FASTER RESULTS )

5. GET A COACH / PLAN – Hard work will only go so far if you dont have the right strategy / plan. Having accountability and regular reviews of training progress etc will keep the enthusiasm and the results coming.

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