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Can you eat too much Protein ?

You have all heard that its bad for the kidneys…. you will get too big….. you can only absorb 30g at a time……


The latest research and ongoing research by dr Jose Antonio has dispelled the kidney rumour, various research now has rubbished the only absorb 30g at a time and as for getting too big….. i wont comment on that one

What we do know is that protein is the most satiating macronutrient that reduces hunger and also the macronutrient that has the biggest effect of metabolic rate when compared to carbs and fats

So how much do you need ?

Research has indicated in the region of 1.2 -1.5g per day per kg bodyweight will work for most people who are wanting to drop weight and preserve of even increase lean tissue.

This amount will go up to 1.8- 2g per kg bodyweight if resistance training volume and frequency is significant and someone is wanting to put muscle on as the primary goal

When it comes to kidney function, research is currently being done with up to 4g per kg with no initial side effects being seen with kidney function.

Protein is critical for every bodily function including our immune system so dont just think it is for hitting the weights,

A good start if you dont currently track or measure protein intake is to make sure you have a source of protein at every meal ( fish, eggs, meat etc ).

A good idea for measuring protein intake is an app like myfitnesspal where you can input what foods you have eaten and it will

Hope that helps

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