Are you willing to pay the Price ? | Bradford Gym

Everything has a price !!

The cost of sacrifice and discipline


cost of regret & pain

We have to either spend our time and energy on things that ultimately make us better and more self actualised and growth minded

( exercise , mindset work, doing the things we said we would do )


sedation, quick fixes, laziness and broken promises

The best thing is, we get to decide everyday which route we are going down

the disciplined path


easy / lazy street

We all have days where we wander off course or dont do the things we promised ourselves,

If this happens all that matters is we get back on track the next day…

No guilt, shame…. just look at what caused you to wander off track and maybe learn the lessons

Now remember, when you are making habit , lifestyle changes there will be phases where is sucks, but with discipline we get through these roadblocks and speedbumps and see the benefits and great outlook once over them

Choose the path that matters to you and honor yourself by doing what you said you would do

Best wishes x

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