Your Training & Michael Buble !! | Bradford Gym

Although Michael Buble has the best business model known to man, Turn up 2 weeks before christmas, bank about 20 million quid the enjoy the other 50 weeks without doing any work…


You cant run your health and fitness like that….. sadly

we all know how it goes though…..


overeat all year and then panic a few weeks before the holidays and try and do the micky bubbles of fitness and make the magic happen in a few weeks….


like i said my learned friend… it dont quite happen like that !


We have all seen the memes and slogans , ” summer bodies are made in winter”.


its not 100% accurate but i’m telling you it ain’t far off the truth…. you dont have to be in peak condition through winter but keeping fit, strong and a good degree of muscle mass will make trimming down far easier come spring when you are wanting to be in greta shape for summer!!


Don’t get too caught up in  minutia in the run in to christmas,

  1. keep active
  2. do some resistance / weights work
  3. do some energy work ( cardio / hiit )
  4. drink plenty of water
  5. keep an eye on the food and alcohol intake over the coming weeks and festive season but enjoy yourself.

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