Training for HYROX

If you have heard about HYROX but want to know a bit more then here is a little about what it is and how you can get involved with us.

I followed HYROX for quite a long time and saw the rapid growth in the sport and it became obvious why. Super accessible for all using low skill exercise reducing the barrier to entry and a measurable way to show fitness increases and progress. A great mix of strength, endurance and startegy for the events for those who want to compete. Secondly a fabulous safeway of getting in greatshape and fitter if you have no interest in competing.

We now run morning, evening and weekend HYROX classes at 30 min and 45 min durations and in the sessions we cover the fundamental parts of HYROX and often use other accessory exercises as well. In the classes we develop that work capacity needed and also build strength as well. This alongside some great music and fabulous banter with the group.

So if you are wanting to compete in the HYROX comps like some of our guys are doing what things do you need to develop ?

So the main things to work on are basic work capacity. being able to work in those high heart rate zones for extended periods and tolerate lactic acid. You need to develop your running to be efficient and know a pace to work at. you need a good degree of strength for all the sled work, lunges, carries, wall balls and you need to practise rowing, ski ergs and those burpee broad jumps too.

As part of your training. you should always be doing some strength training and this should continue when trainng for hyrox. Dont stop and just run and do conditioning , yes these have to be done but maintaining a good lower body strength session and upper body strength session each week i would say is essential. you can add specific engine based work onto the session like a row, ski erg, air bike etc as well.

Work capacity can be done using air bike, bike erg, ski erg, sleds and all worked on and rotated. Ways to develop include higher output / distance in given time, reducing rest intervals and increasing duration. On the sled work we can progress distance and weight ion the sleds

Running if you arent a regular runner should be progressed slowly so as to avoid injury building up duration and distance in a very conservative manner due to the impact and stresses running can bring when not used to it. 1-2 short run or interval run sessins per week should suffice for the first months and then progressions can be made.

If you fancy giving our gym or classes a try we do a 5 day trial for only £10 so no reason not to come and have a go.

Hope that helps

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