F.E.A.R – How it Kills our Growth

Ever wondered why we wait , be indecisive, fail to take the leap ?

Usually its one word FEAR….


You see we tell ourselves a story in our heads, based purely on beliefs and assumptions that holds us back from doing what we need to do

That may be

* starting the regular exercise we know we should
* eating better foods more of the time
* having the difficult conversations we need to have in life
* stop watching junk tv and wasting time

It could be anything, but behind it all we tell oursleves a story that keeps us stuck where we are as we feel fear at taking action and what might happen if we do…

How to help yourself ?

Simply question the thoughts you are having that paralyse you


if i start training the pain will be terrible afterwards and it will take too much time



will it be painful every time i exercise ?

how do i know this is true ?

Is there people out there who exercise pain free and enjoy it ?


How do i know how much time is too much ?

How do i know how long exercise needs to be for it to be effective ?

are there people training with similar lives to me and getting results without living at the gym ?

Sometimes all we need to do is ask a better quality of question to get a better outcome

So the big question is, What is holding you back from joining and getting the results you want ? The link is here to join and get

Ask yourself if you could be in better shape in time for christmas would you ?

If the answer is YES then click the link and DO IT….

See you in the gym

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