training for Safe Fat loss

when you are looking at starting a training plan for fat loss..and really important is safe fat loss, there are some really important points you may choose to consider .

  1. is it scientifically proven and throroughly road tested ? – here we are making sure that the methods, technique or tactic you are looking to use stands up to scrutiny of science and also has it been used succcesfully by many people over time ?.
  2. are there any dangers to the method ? has anyone had issues with it before ?.. if its a crazy calorie reduction.. fast. etc the devil is often in the details and some people take it further than it should go whcih causes the issues so do your research
  3. is it something i can stick to or is it harder than a rubiks cube blindfolded ???…. success is down to adherence so pick something you can stick to
  4. is it designed for someone of my age / ability / training history ?? . A programme deigned for someone elite with 10 years training might not be best for a beginner and vice versa
  5. does it require endless hours to follow in the gym ? – if you are busy and struggle with time a training plan that requires 10 hrs a week in the gym might not be right for you. Be realistic how much gym / activity time you can allocate and dont over promise .

Those are 5 starting points to consider when choosing a fat loss training plan / diet BUT there is more to it than that.

What i have seen in 25 years could fill a book but in the mentime i try keep these quite short and to the point. One of the most common issue overall is the more is better mindset…. like,

if ive lost weight train 4 days a week ill do 7……. sometimes if soemthing is working dont change it because mre must mean better !!

when someone drops calories for a few weeks and loses a few pounds … you know ………ill drop it loads more and that person who was it 1600 and losing drops it to 1200 and a few weeks later thinks they must drop more and before you know it we are on 800 calories a day fearful of eating !!!!!

The most dangerous part of fat loss is usually…. impatience !!!!!

impatience drives people off plan into doing crazy things which often takes them into murky waters and often not great outcomes and yo – yo dieting and plan jumping.

The serial fat loss plan jumpers are plentiful and usually its born out of 2 things – lack of adherence and impatience .

people are starting a plan and not happy with dropping a pound a week and think they know best and before you know it… another plan or coach and repeat the cycle……

Here are the fundamtental parts of safe, effective fat loss based on science and my 25 years coaching in this game ,

  1. good sleep – 7-9 hrs quality sleep per night
  2. adequate protein – at least 0.7g per pound bodyweight per day
  3. regular strength training – essential for retention of lean tissue and bone mass
  4. daily output / activity – outsiode of the gym have a move target eg 8-12k steps per day
  5. calorie goal – a daily calorie goal that supports training, energy but creates a calorie deficit that is safe and sustainable
  6. a plan you check against and review – daily / weekly tracking and review and adapt
  7. environment conducive to outcome – right foods in the house, gym bag always packed etc
  8. diet you can stick to – no point goinf vegan if you love meat or keto if you love carbs etc
  9. aim for progress not perfection – you will have days off plan, its about getting back on track and sticking to plan 80+ % of the time
  10. set up milestones and rewards for achieving them – it may be a dress size, a belt size it may be getting back in that outfit. whatever it may be reward yourself and then set a new goal and reward yourself when that is hit as well

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