Hyrox Sessions

Get fitter, stronger, faster

Hyrox is a high intensity interval training workout that combines functional fitness exercises with endurance challenges.

Who are the Hyrox sessions for?

Men and women of all ages and fitness backgrounds who want to compete in the HYROX World Series or simply want to join a supportive community to get fitter and healthier.

  • Busy Professionals
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Beginners to exercise, of all ages
  • Anyone who wants to give it a go

Pay as you go or get all HYROX Classes included for under £30 per month with *Full gum access & saunas, ** spin, pilates, HIIT, *** Over 100 pieces of gym kit

To sign up email us at info@6fitgyms.co.uk with ref HYROXTASTER and we will contact you to book your free HYROX class.

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