Christmas Hacks to Beat the Bulge | Bradford gym

Its that time of year,

* cold outside
* xmas parties
* xmas shopping
* ill stay in and watch TV

I get it completely my friend, its the season to drink and be merry


This is purely your choice…

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing your diet and training a bit over this period and enjoying yourself


Keep doing the work

* shorten your sessions maybe
* eat decent MOST of the time
* dont be rigid with your training, try new things
* rushed for time , try a short airbike or HIITMILL interval session
* swap the heavy calorie alcoholic drinks for gin and slimline tonic
* get out and move, go a walk

I know you will hit it hard in january after the xmas period but a few simple tweaks can limit the damage to your waistline

Lets Get social