Bradford Gym | 5 tips to be more Awesome

5 ways to be a better, more awesome human in general

1. MASTER the basics – dont think a new exercise is better that some instagram influencer is doing. perfect the basic exercises and get stronger at them. Focus on doing everything in perfect form at the right tempo in the right range of motion


2. Buy a decent sleep mask – a comfy sleep mask creating a total blackout is the cheapest and simplest way to improve sleep and we know that improved sleep improves everything !!


3. Try fasting – if suffering with bloating or digestive issues fasting can help. If you suffer from emotional eating or eating through not real hunger and need a reset fasting can help. If you want an easy way to reduce calorie intake fasting can help. The easiest protocol is the 16 hr fast, usually from 8/9pm till 12/1pm next day and then eat in that window using healthy foods as normal.


4. Fat loss ? , Get stronger and consume less – if you want to reduce bodyfat without sacrificing metabolically active tissue ( muscle ) you need to lift weights and focus on progressively getting stronger whilst consuming less calories and ideally hitting a 500 calorie daily deficit. This will drop weight slowly, consistently and allow you to hold onto muscle tissue which is crucial for long term success and avoiding rebound weight gain.


5. Use a sauna – studies show that people who have regular saunas live longer ( if that ain’t a decent recent i dont know what is ) . They can ease aches and pains, help sweat out toxins and due to the thermal stress actually burn more calories and raise metabolic rate !!!!!


5 easy and doable activities to make you healthier, happier and a more awesome version of yourself !!

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