Bradford Gym | 10 things Keeping you form Being Lean

10 things that will keep you from achieving a lean strong body

1. you dont know your calories and don’t track them to hit you calorie goal
2. you don’t track protein intake and dont have a daily protein goal
3. you don’t lift weights minimum 3/4 times per week
4. you sleep badly and don’t get enough quality sleep
5. you don’t have a plan and stick to it most of the time
6. you don’t have a coach to keep you on track
7. you are deficient in the biggies, zinc, magnesium, vit d3 and omega 3
8. you hang around with out of shape people who have terrible diets and don’t exercise
9. you fail to prepare meals
10. you have cupboards full of the very foods that got you out of shape in the first place which you will revert to when stressed, sad or angry !

Pretty simple common sense stuff, but remember

” common sense aint common practise”

To your success guys

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