5 Ways to Lose Fat For the Summer | bradford gym

5 Rules that will help you lose Fat quickly (as fast as safely possible)

1. A calorie / energy deficit is a must. A combination of reducing calorie intake ( 10-12 x bodyweight in pounds) and increasing expenditure each day will achieve this

2. Increasing daily water intake will help you feel fuller and reduce snacking and hunger, keep hydrated

3. Keep protein intake high , 1g per pound of bodyweight daily

4. Do some exercise every day – you can vary the activities and intensity but making daily exercise part of WHO YOU ARE is the key here. Like brushing your teeth or having a shower !!. Exercise doesnt have to take ages or be killer intense, some days it may be yoga, long walk, a short HIIT session, a circuit ! The key is to do the work daily .

5. WATCH THE INTAKE OF HIGH CALORIE LOW NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS AND DRINKS – alcohol, sweets, cakes, crisps, chocolate are great examples of where someone is doing 90% of things right but consuming lots of these ” feel good in the moment foods” which tips the energy balance the wrong way in spite of your best efforts !!

All the above may seem really simple and straightforward but its surprising how we all fall down on them !

Stay on the right path

The disciplined path

Now go get it !

Big love xx

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